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  1. Hi ,thanks so much, I purchased this for my 89 year old mine. She complain about back and knee pain. We had her try it , it stings a little but it worked.

  2. I must give my testimony about how the Lord put people in your live for a reason. My young cousin Kimberly Cooper came to visit me in ATL. At the time She visited I was in so much pain in my knees. The pain was so severe I could only take baby steps. I had gone to the doctors and received pain shots, pills and even a knee brace. But to no avail did the pain lighten up. Kim walked in and I told her about my pain and she said cousin I just got back from DC and I got something that may help your pain. I was looking at her like yeah right!
    She took something out her purse and said try this cousin for about a week. What she gave me was some HEMP SALVE for headaches & minor burns a product made by Humble Healing Co.
    I immediately rubbed some on both my knees. I rubbed more on after I took my shower while my pores were open. I created a routine with this HEMP Salve. I rubbed it on both knees twice a day and once at night before bed.
    The pain subdued tremendously. I have not gone back to the doctor regarding my knees.
    I truly recommend this product to anyone having not just knee pain but any muscles pain.
    Shouting out to Kimberly Cooper, I need more right away!

  3. I would just like to say that CBD is AWESOME!! MY Cousin told me about it .. And with her condition.. I decided to try it!! I was first told that I was a diabetic.. Not accepting that.. After using the oil I lowered my A1C from 842 to 116…it changed my life after only 2 weeks of use. I slept better with no leg cramps, my skin has started to clear up.. Oh and did I not say how I sleep soooo much better!! The change in my body function is Awesome.. More energy n not having problems waking up.. Because I sleep at night😰 Oh and let me mention how it makes my nails grow so strong.. Not brittle!! I LOVE CBD!!! It changed my life in so many ways!!

  4. Oh Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. We get so thrilled in hearing when people get a result from our products. We got into this business to help.

  5. This product is not like the ones you see on Amazon. These are legit and high quality. Try one bag and you will notice the difference from the first bite.
    Fair pricing and great customer service.

    5 Stars *****

  6. Love the Elderberry syrup! My entire family uses the syrup and it truly works and keeps your immune system and tip top shape! Definitely a longtime customer!

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